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Here is a listing of the key features included in the CGI Download Manager:

Very Basic Server Requirements

  • UNIX Server: The CGI Download Manager will run on any UNIX server. It is known to work on Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux. It should work on any other UNIX server with no or minimal changes. It will not work on Windows without modification.
  • Perl 5: Any installation of Perl done in the last 5 years should be just fine. In order to use the File Uploading capability, you should also have a current version of the CGI Perl Module installed. (Almost any web server will have this Perl module available. If not consider switching to a web host that does!)
  • No Database Needed: The CGI Download Manager uses a highly customized file system database. So, you don't need MySQL, PostgreSQL or any specialized database knowledge. The script itself handles everything for you.
  • Simple to Install and Configure: Installation and configuration takes about 3 minutes. There is only one configuration file to edit and it includes complete instructions right in the configuration file itself.

No Limits

  • Unlimited File Categories: Categorize your files in any way you want. The CGI Download Manager can handle an unlimited number of File categories. Setup as many different categories of files as you need. ]
  • File Organization with Flexibility: Since files often fit into more than one category, the CGI Download Manager allows you to put a file into 1 or 2 categories. Files in 2 categories will appear in the listing for both categories.
  • Unlimited Files for Download: There is no limit to the number of files you can setup in the download database. The only limit you may run into is the amount of available disk space!

Admin Interface

The CGI Download Manager allows you to manage everything in your download directory directly through a Web Based Admin Interface.

  • Password Protected: Your Admin Interface requires a username and password for login. The first time you access the CGI Download Manager you will be prompted to create your first username and password. This feature provides secure protection for your Admin Interface so that not just anyone can make changes to your download directory.
  • User Management: If you have several people who need to help you maintain your web site, you will want to allow them to manage your downloads as well. The CGI Download Manager allows you to setup as many Admin user accounts as you need. Each Admin will have their own unique Admin username and password where they can log in and manage your download directory.
  • File Category Management: The Admin Interface allows you to setup as many different categories of files as you like. This allows you to categories and organize your files for download as you see fit. You can also edit or delete existing categories as you see fit.
  • File Management: The Admin Interface is where you enter in your files for download. Your file download information is stored in the master database of files. Once stored, you can edit, update or delete files anytime. Each file in your download directory can be listed in 1 or 2 categories.
  • Dead Link Reporting: The Admin Interface includes a report that will help you track dead links. Anytime your web site users report a dead link, it will appear on this report.
  • Upload Files: The CGI Download Manager Admin Interface includes a simple interface that lets you upload files directly through your browser. These files are then stored on the server for you.
  • Backup and Restore Master Database: The Admin Interface includes a built in backup and restore function. These functions can be used to take snapshot backups of the master database of files.
  • Raw File Data Download: If you ever want to examine the contents of the entire master database, this function can come in handy.
  • Delete Temporary Files: The CGI Download Manager produces temporary files when users search or perform other functions with the script. This Admin Interface function allows you to clean up these functions.

(Take a look at the Online Demo to see the Admin Interface in detail.)


Database Driven

  • Master Database: Your entire set of files for download is managed in a master database stored on the web server file system.
  • Proprietary Flat File Database System: No special perl modules, or SQL database servers are required to make the CGI Download Manager to work. Our proprietary Master Database is stored in files on your web server, and it is completely managed by the CGI Download Manager script.

Customizable Look and Feel

  • Template Driven Look and Feel: Easily Integrates into your Web Site's look and feel using a simple customizable Template. Take a look at the Online Demo for an example. See how well this matches our web site's look and feel? You will be able to do the same thing, just by editing on simple Template file.
  • Manage Color Schemes and HTML Output: The CGI Download Manager allows you fine grained control over the HTML it produces for your download directory. A theme file called: files.theme contains several settings that manage the HTML output the CGI Download Manager produces.
  • Customizable Output: The CGI Download Manager allows you to control what columns of data are displayed to the users of your download directory. You can enable or disable the following columns:
    • File Size
    • Date Added
    • Download Counter
    • Dead Link Reporting Link
  • Use Any Page Technology: The CGI Download Manager can generate your download directory using any file extension, such as .html, .jsp, .php or .cgi. You specify the extension you want to use in the script configuration file, files.config.

End User Features

  • Download Counters: The CGI Download Manager can track the number of times users download each file.
  • Built in Dead link Tracking: Each file will display its own dead link tracking link. If a user cannot download a file, they can easily report it as a dead link, which helps you track down and remove links that no longer work.
  • Built in Search Capability: The CGI Download Manager includes a robust search engine. This allows your users to quickly search your download directory for the files they need.
  • Built in What's New: The CGI Download Manager will automatically create a What's New page for your download directory. The script chooses the 10 newest files by default, but you can configure the script to include as many or few files in the What's New page as you like.
  • Built in Top Downloads: The CGI Download Manager will automatically create a Top Downloads page for your download directory. The script chooses the 10 most popular files by default, but you can configure the script to include as many or few files in the Top Downloads page as you like.
  • Local or Remote Downloads: You can specify URL's for your files in the download directory. So, you can include files that are stored locally, as well as files that are stored remotely in your download directory.

Task Automation

  • Automated Regeneration of the Download Directory: Automated download count and download page regeneration via a new cron rebuild module.
  • Automated Temporary File Cleanup: Automated cleanup of temporary files via the new cron rebuild module
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