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Simplify Managing your Files

If you manage a set of files for download now - you know how tedious it can be. Simple tasks like keeping up with broken links, adding new files to your site or removing files that are no longer available can take hours our of your day.

The CGI Download Manager is designed to make your life easier. When you use the CGI Download Manager your entire download directory is maintained in a highly customized database stored on your web server's file system. Adding, changing, categorizing or removing files from the database is done using a simple to use web based interface. As you work on your files, your changes are saved directly to master database on the server.

Once you've completed making your changes, just click a button and regenerate your entire file download area on your web site with all of your changes. That is all it takes. No hand coding HTML pages. No tedious uploading of files via FTP. Everything is handled directly by the script for you.



Ready to Order? Place your order today! Then visit our download area to download the script. Complete installation instructions are provided.

Want to try it out? Give our Hands On Demo a try!

Want to see a live example site? Check out to see a live site powered by the CGI Download Manager.

Want to see if it does something specific? Check out the complete feature list.

Want to learn how it works? We have a How It Works page just for you!

Got Questions? Visit our FAQ section. We answer most common questions here.


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