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pwd.cgi is a simple Perl script that prints out the current working directory when run.

There are a lot of web hosts out there that don't give you shell access. (There really is no valid reason to not give you shell access - but a lot of hosts are paranoid.) This script is useful when you're working on a server that doesn't provide you with shell access.

When you don't have shell access, you can use this script to determine the path your CGI scripts will run in on a server.


{ Download pwd.cgi }



  1. Download the script using the link above - it will be named pwd.txt,
  2. Rename the script to be pwd.cgi so that it can be executed on the server,
  3. Upload the script to your server and change the permission on the script to be "755" - you should be able to do this in your FTP software,
  4. Access the URL of the script to see the output.
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