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Description is a simple perl script that resets the ownership of all files under /home to match the directory names in /home. This script is handy when restoring backups, or fixing problems with file ownership, particularly on a CPanel server.

This script is meant to be run on the command line, as root, in the /home directory. It is not a CGI script, and will not work if not run as root.


{ Download }


  1. Download the script using the link above - it will be named fix-own.txt,
  2. Rename the script to be so that it can be executed on the server,
  3. Upload the script to your server and change the permission on the script to be "755" - you should be able to do this in your FTP software,
  4. Log into SSH as root on your server. Move the script to the /home folder and execute it from there.
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